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Easter Brunch/Dinner Menu Ideas

Happy Easter Decorated Eggs Table Runner

Easter Brunch as a buffet option for guests with all the fixings set up for them to see and served by our service staff. See photo ideas below.

Traditional Easter Menu Ideas  

Plan your Easter Dinner Menu with Ideas sure to please all your guests and customers. Why not consider hosting an Easter Brunch combining lunch and dinner items to suit every taste and budget. We love hosting our
Baked Ham
     Honey Glazed
     Mollasas Glazed
  Is Molassas good for you? Yes, add it to ham. Molasses contains iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. The darkest molasses has the least amount of sugars and the healthiest ingredients. Molasses makes a great marinade as well as glaze over hams. 
More Ham ideas:
     Brown Sugar Glazed
     Ahi Tuna
Ahi Tuna Appetizer image  copyright @healthy1chef
     Seered Ahi Tuna above sliced thin, sesame seed encrusted and served over a bed of fresh baby greens with a side of french fries, tomato garnish with wasabi drizzle.
     Mahi Mahi
     Chilean Seabass
Homemade Pierogies
     Scalloped potatoes
     Home fries
     Au Gratin potatoes
     Roasted potatoes
     Butter/Parsley potatoes
     Garlic Mashed potatoes
Cheesy Quiche
Egg Fritatta
Roasted Asparagus
Snap beans
Orange Glazed Carrots
Fresh Artisan Breads and Rolls
Strawberry Spinach Salad
Easter Bunny Cake  (using the Wilton Bunny Cake Nonstick Pan makes it fast and easy)

Chef Table image copyright @healthy1chef

 Consider setting up a Chef Side table for guests to dine while watching the Chef prepare the meal. Customers love and appreciate being able to watch the Chef, ask questions and to gain a teaching lesson all at the same time as enjoying a meal with friends.

     We usually also add a Chef Carving Station for all our buffet meals too. Customers love to see and know that one of the main entrees is freshly roasted or baked as well as appreciate the Chef carving the perfect slice or two for them. 

Create a bountiful Easter Buffet and one price to make it easier for your customers and staff to enjoy the meal. Use large platters (we love these sterling silver 3 pack platters) to serve the main entrees, use chafing dishes ( we use this silver with gold round chafing dish set often) to keep foods warm, pretty bowls for all the dips and dressings and set flowers as decorations of Spring's arrival and maintain it throughout the meal time so it's clean and neat looking. We love to use Chicks - Easter fillable eggs and place one per table as a gift for our guests. Fill with wrapped chocolates as a sweet treat for your customers.

Buffet line image copyright @healthy1chef

Easter Buffet image copyright @healthy1chef
There are lots of choices for your Easter Dinner Menu. Above, we used our large counter area as a unique option for the buffet set-up instead of traditional lined banquet tables.  Think of all your own favorite menu items and unique areas of your restaurant for buffet options and then improve on those menu items for a delicious Easter Brunch for your customers. Make a comfortable and relaxing space for your guests to enjoy this special and religious holiday. Check out our Buffet Display Equipment and get all the supplies you need to host beautiful buffets all year long.

Best wishes for your Easter Dinner success. Cheers!

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